2022-10-12 A friend of mine has put together a project to help the folks in her homeland of Ukraine. If you’re …

2022-09-05 Well, we’ve had a busy weekend. We put a deposit down on a fully loaded Chevy Bolt EUV, and sold our …

2022-02-06 Want to read: The Upcycle by William McDonough πŸ“š Just added this to my queue after watching this …

2022-01-02 Finished reading: The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin πŸ“š A rich and absorbing novel, with an …

2021-11-03 I’ve been reading a lot about sports psychology lately to figure out how to improve my mental game, …

2021-10-24 Went to the Seattle Kraken’s first home game last night at Climate Pledge Arena. What a great …

2021-10-18 3d-printed Lincoln.

2021-08-04 I don’t mind dealing with the delta variant, but I am not paying a monthly subscription for delta+.

2021-07-21 Got a decent view of the stage for the Seattle Kraken expansion draft announcement. And just found …

2021-07-04 Passed by Lady Liberty on our Circle Line Cruise yesterday and she said to tell you all β€œHappy …

2021-06-27 Finished reading: Killing Floor (Jack Reacher, No. 1) by Lee Child πŸ“š

2021-06-07 Finished reading: The Quiet Boy by Ben H. Winters πŸ“š I didn’t quite buy a couple of critical …

2021-06-05 Finished reading: All the Ugly and Wonderful Things: A Novel by Bryn Greenwood πŸ“š A remarkable book. …

2020-10-31 Many years ago, I was an Improvisor at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando. Several of my friends are still …

2020-10-23 Well, this is a beautiful sight. Dropped in the replacement power supply and the MK3S is in …

2020-10-23 Great article by a medical expert on the use cases (not many) and accuracy (pretty good, under some …

2020-10-04 Nearly there. Electronics are all hooked up, wires are managed, initial checks check out. Now to see …

2020-10-04 Heat bed and power supply are installed. My able assistant is taking a nap in the background.

2020-10-04 Holy moly… 65 steps later, and the extruded is assembled. Eight Haribo consumed. (Plus a …

2020-10-04 Z-Axis assembly complete! We’re cookin’ with gas now.

2020-10-04 The Prusa MK3S upgrade kit comes with a pack of Haribo gummy bears, to be eaten in proscribed …

2020-10-04 The upgrade of the Prusa MK2S to the MK3S has begun. Y-Axis assembly is complete. The manual said it …

2020-10-01 Do not throw away your shot: youtu.be/YMmkXAIRX…

2020-04-01 Cherry blossoms!? More like cheery blossoms, amirite?

2020-03-21 πŸ’πŸŽ¬ While I wait for the world to return to normal and for the NHL season to return, this documentary …

2019-11-09 An answer to one of life’s little mysteries: Why do the British drive on the left? – The Straight …

2019-11-09 Sweet Pea LOVES when it’s time to make the bed.

2019-09-14 The ceiling of the Great Court at the British Museum.

2019-09-08 Camden Market, London.

2019-09-06 Different eras. Camden Market, London.

2019-09-05 Flowers at Camden Market, London.

2019-09-05 A horse head carving from one of the stalls at Camden Market, London.

2019-09-03 Saw β€œAs You Like It” at Shakespeare’s Globe tonight. Loved the production, and what a great place to …

2019-09-02 When you take a walk in the countryside in the UK, the public walkway sometimes goes right through …

2019-09-02 Walking alongside a canal near Melbourne, Derbyshire, UK.

2019-08-18 We discovered Jameson Black Barrel during our trip to Ireland last year and have been enjoying it …

2019-08-04 A year ago today, I went with my friend Coco to watch the Blue Angels from the observation deck of …

2019-07-15 With Descript, transcribing audio can be -- dare I say it ? -- fun!

2019-07-14 πŸ“Ί Damn. HBO’s Chernobyl is good. I mean, really good. Great writing, terrific score, sharp …

2019-07-13 My friends and I used to quote so many of Artie’s lines from the β€œParty” episode of The Larry …

2019-07-06 Finished reading: Arbitrary Stupid Goal by Tamara Shopsin πŸ“š

2019-06-12 Congrats to the St. Louis Blues, 2019 Stanley Cup Champions! That was a hell of a series. Two really …

2019-06-07 This review of John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum pretty much echoes my own feelings, especially this …

2019-05-26 I don’t care for most of the armchair Game of Thrones analyses, but this piece by Matt Yglesias at …

2019-04-21 Wine Cork Designs

2019-04-20 Started cleaning out the garage today and sorted through all my corks for recycling. I might have a …

2019-04-18 OH: Somebody meeting your kids is way worse than someone seeing your CD collection.

2019-04-16 Tampa not even being able to take a game in the series really hurts. Full credit to Columbus. From …

2019-04-14 Well, going down three games in the series really sucks. If there’s a bright spot, it’s that the …

2019-04-14 Huh… Guess I haven’t been paying enough attention to the Islanders. They’ve got the Pens down …

2019-04-13 A nervous Tampa Bay fan reflects on the post-season so far

2019-04-13 There’s nothing like Stanley Cup hockey. The intensity, the speed, the emotion, the …

2019-03-05 Plaaaaay with meeeeeee!!!

2019-03-04 Possible fix for Plex remote access trouble: log in to Plex.tv

2019-03-03 Here’s something I learned from my ophthalmologist: The lens in your eye is made, essentially, …

2019-03-02 Rediscovered this mug in my cupboard today. I’m toasting with my morning tea to the memories of …

2019-02-18 Also, “pinky finger” is from the Dutch word “pink” for “little …

2019-02-18 Apropos of absolutely nothing, I woke up today with this question on my mind: Why is it called an …

2019-02-16 Finished reading: How To Write Groundhog Day by Danny Rubin πŸ“š

2019-02-10 Β» More Seattle Snow a-comin'

2019-02-10 I’ve decided to fully transfer my two main sites to micro.blog. I’ve enjoyed WordPress, …

2019-02-09 North Seattle Snowfall

2019-02-04 It sure is lovely when it snows in Seattle.

2019-01-30 Connecting flight was canceled after 4 hours. Gotta say, though: Delta is crushing the service …

2019-01-30 Of all the weeks to travel to Michigan, I had to pick the coldest one in 20 years. I’m waiting for …

2019-01-21 The Dangers of Overpersonalization Personalization isn’t very personal. In a nutshell… (1) …

2019-01-13 🎬Crazy Rich Asians (2018) - IMDb Fun romcom with great characters and performances. We enjoyed this …

2019-01-13 Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) - IMDb Great: Rami Malek’s performance, Queen’s music, and the …

2019-01-06 We took what will probably be our last drive on the Alaskan Way Viaduct before they start tearing it …

2018-12-04 Hockey is coming (back) to Seattle!

2018-11-25 Finished reading: Lethal White by Robert Galbraith πŸ“š

2018-10-22 So, we were just going to start looking for a new cat to keep our other cat company. And we were …

2018-09-11 Steve Yzerman steps down in Tampa, fueling speculation of him landing in Seattle This is mere …

2018-08-26 The cashier at Trader Joe’s said to me, β€œYou’re a very organized shopper.” Made my flippin’ day.

2018-08-25 Finished reading: Vacationland by John Hodgman πŸ“š

2018-08-18 Okay, now I’m getting excited for our trip to Ireland. Just booked tickets for the Guinness …

2018-08-18 My favorite fantasy hockey podcast hosts are recording their first “audio almanac”, a …

2018-07-21 Well, the Mariners did not, in fact, rally. I hear they’ve been winning a lot this season. I just …

2018-07-21 Perfect night for a game at Safeco Field. Will be even more perfect if the M’s can come back from a …

2018-07-07 Finished reading: Hamilton: The Revolution πŸ“š

2018-07-01 Remembering Leo

2018-06-30 Harlan Ellison was a powerful, virtuosic writer with razor sharp clarity and wit. As an adolescent, …

2018-06-24 Good marketing.

2018-06-18 πŸ“šTheory of Bastards, by Audrey Schulman. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ A book that’s hard to explain. Part love …

2018-06-18 Had a lovely walk tonight around the small lake near our house. Saw lots of ducks, robins, …

2018-06-16 Glasgow Jewel Goes Up in Flames for Second Time in 4 Years - The New York Times

2018-06-11 That feeling when you’re absolutely certain that the modem died because you power cycled it …

2018-06-08 Coupla good short articles from Vox about Anthony Bourdain: Anthony Bourdain quotes show why he was …

2018-06-08 www.vox.com Anthony Bourdain, chef, memoirist, and TV host, is dead at 61 years old Well, this is …

2018-06-07 The Cup goes to the Caps

2018-05-28 Day One: The Cutting

2018-05-23 Bolts out of the Cup race

2018-05-21 Welp, I’m not surprised to see this series go to 7, but I sure wish it wasn’t. The Bolts just seemed …

2018-05-20 Congrats to Vegas! Helluva win. Really hoping Tampa can close out their series tomorrow and join the …

2018-05-18 I really like watching this Vegas team. They work hard, they take care of the puck, and they look …

2018-05-16 Great day to be at Safeco Field watching the Mariners with my team. And great seats! I literally …

2018-05-15 Will Alsop, 70: British architect’s β€˜flying tabletop’ changed Toronto | The Star

2018-05-13 Much better opening period for the Lightning. They had jump, they were winning puck battles, and …

2018-05-13 This was one of my projects for the weekend, along with putting in my application for the local tool …

2018-05-11 Well, that was a disappointing game. Shades of the series with Boston. The good news is that Tampa …

2018-05-11 So excited for the start of the Tampa / Washington series. Let’s go, Bolts! I want to see physical …

2018-05-06 Boom! The Bolts get a victory in Tampa and a convincing series win to advance. The Bruins were a …

2018-05-05 Familiar and inspiring

2018-05-02 Now, that’s more like it! Two straight wins, two good, physical games where the Lightning shut down …

2018-04-28 Well, that was ugly. It’s way too early to count the Bolts out of this series, but that game didn’t …

2018-04-22 Boy… you gotta respect the Penguins during the playoffs. They’re so talented and they …

2018-04-21 Way to go, Lightning! 4 wins down, 12 to go. This series was never really in doubt. Next series …

2018-04-19 I came within an inch of changing my task management system. But then I hit on a new organization …

2018-04-13 Note to self: Enterprise rental car shuttles run every 10 minutes at LAX. They do not necessarily …

2018-03-24 ias18 is like a movable feast. I can drift from person to person and have equally exquisite and …

2018-03-23 Dan Zollman and his awesome nonsense poster at #ias18.

2018-03-21 Capped off the first day of #IAS18 by having dinner at Mercat a la Planxa with our first cohort of …

2018-03-19 Just landed in Chicago. Now starts the final prep for #IAS18. Keeping my fingers crossed for folks …

2018-03-17 That feeling when...

2018-03-10 It’s a good morning. I’ve got my cup of tea, the cats are lounging in the sunshine, …

2018-03-04 I’m just dipping my toes into Letterboxd for keeping my ratings and watchlists, but I’m …

2018-03-04 🎬 The Shape of Water (2017) A fairy tale for grown ups. A beautiful film with a lovely story and …

2018-03-01 This article reminds me of what it was like to follow the Tampa Bay Lightning in the early days. For …

2018-03-01 Got β€˜em! Two season ticket deposits for an NHL expansion team in Seattle: acquired. Now all we need …

2018-02-24 Here’s @andybywire getting the troops ready for World IA Day Seattle. We are expecting 100+ IAs in a …

2018-02-21 I have missed Last Week Tonight sooooo much!

2018-02-21 How do I know I’m not a bot?

2018-02-18 Oh, man… I squeaked into the division playoffs of my fantasy hockey league. Had a weak draft, …

2018-02-17 Picked up a couple of Pacific Northwest essentials tonight: snowshoes and hiking boots. Gotta get …

2018-02-16 β˜… Thoughts on my micro.blog publishing workflow

2018-02-16 Tonight when we placed our order at our usual Friday night Thai restaurant, we were told they were …

2018-02-15 β˜… 15/02/2018, 19:49

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2018-02-07 β˜… A micro.blog mea culpa

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2018-01-17 β˜… Downsizing

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2018-01-06 β˜… Glasgow School of Art coming back bit by bit

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2017-09-23 β˜… The Big Sick (2017) - IMDb

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2017-08-21 β˜… Eclipse watching

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2017-07-29 β˜… Of course, there is no rebuild coming

2017-07-21 β˜… Amazon Spark

2017-07-01 β˜… There is a 73% chance my cat is plotting to kill me.

2017-07-01 β˜… The Foreigner

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2017-06-20 β˜… Buzzkill tick

2017-06-19 β˜… Power Causes Brain Damage

2017-06-17 β˜… Random Lists

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2017-05-25 β˜… Senguins

2017-05-25 β˜… Senguins

2017-05-22 β˜… Duck spreads

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2017-05-13 β˜… Slow TV

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2017-05-08 β˜… Silicon Valley

2017-05-08 β˜… Here Lies Love: impressive, but weak on story

2017-05-05 β˜… Moms Who Swear

2017-05-03 β˜… New password guidelines

2017-04-30 β˜…

2017-04-28 β˜… Dieter Ram updated

2017-04-28 β˜… Moar Hockey

2017-04-27 β˜…

2017-04-26 β˜… Microblogging fun

2017-04-26 β˜…

2017-04-25 β˜…

2017-04-25 β˜…

2017-04-25 β˜…

2017-04-25 β˜…

2017-02-09 β˜… Hockey in Seattle?

2017-01-28 β˜… Notes on the 2016 15” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

2017-01-22 β˜… Viva Amiga

2016-01-31 β˜… Link: Bettman says NHL would not take an application from Seattle

2015-12-07 β˜… The BBC wants to make movies just for you

2015-12-05 β˜… A walk in the woods

2015-11-19 β˜… The Koch intelligence agency - POLITICO

2014-10-13 The TSA really doesn't like it when you take your Nobel Prize in your carry on

2014-09-02 A browser extension for color-blind users

2014-08-05 β˜… Instill Confidence

2014-08-05 Tom Brady is the loneliest quarterback on the planet

2014-07-22 β˜… Self-published books nearly a third of Amazon Kindle sales

2014-03-15 β˜… Using MarsEdit with the WordPress Google Authenticator plugin

2014-03-15 β˜… Options for sharing public links from Dropbox on OS X

2014-03-15 β˜… How to restore contextual menus in Dropbox

2013-07-10 β˜… Link: Create In-A-Pinch Pinhole Reading Glasses with Your Fingers

2013-07-10 Glass, Home and solipsism β€” Benedict Evans

2013-04-21 Poor Richard's News - America, we need to talk about the Boston β€œlockdown” and manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

2013-04-20 High Scalability: Scaling Pinterest

2013-04-12 Video: Ship Your Pants

2013-03-30 Review: Real Racing 3 for iOS needs to fix its payment model before it can shine | Macworld

2013-03-29 β˜… Link: Create In-A-Pinch Pinhole Reading Glasses with Your Fingers

2013-03-24 β˜… A blast from the past

2013-03-21 Scripting News: Ignore the Bigco's.

2013-03-14 β˜… Video: Hitler Finds Out Google Reader is Shutting Down

2013-03-13 The RSS Apocalypse

2013-03-06 β˜… Wealth Inequality in America - YouTube

2013-03-05 Technologies of Surveillance

2013-03-01 β˜… A Capella cover of Stevie Wonder's

2013-02-19 β˜… Why doesn’t anybody copy Apple?

2013-02-18 β˜… The I in TEAM

2013-02-16 β˜… You can't always get what you want

2013-02-16 β˜… Barenaked Ladies... In space!

2013-02-14 My new hero

2013-01-21 β˜… Quote: Doc on life as a race.

2012-11-27 β˜… Serfing the Web

2012-11-26 β˜… The (Un)Obviousness of iCloud

2012-11-24 β˜… Security is Dead

2012-11-23 β˜… Impress-A-Vention

2012-11-13 β˜… Tyrone, you know I love to watch you work...

2012-04-29 Book: Black Jack Justice πŸ“š

2012-02-26 Movie: Sherlock Holmes (2009) 🎬

2012-02-05 Movie: Moneyball 🎬

2012-01-03 Book: thinking with type, 2nd Edition πŸ“š

2006-04-08 β˜… Gone Fishin'

2005-11-29 β˜… Heck, I'm no expert. I just know what I like

2005-11-12 β˜… The future of Stumax.com

2005-09-29 β˜… We'll miss him... by that much

2005-09-27 β˜… I'm a Coffee Session

2005-08-22 β˜… A personal remembrance of Bob Moog

2005-08-04 β˜… Why I Hate Best Buy

2005-07-31 β˜… Quote of the Day

2005-07-31 β˜… Movie Review: Must Love Dogs

2005-06-25 β˜… Gnomedex: The intersection of passion and technology

2005-06-25 β˜… Gnomedex: Adam Curry is recording DSC 200 live

2005-06-25 β˜… Gnomedex: Chris Pirillo: release your face under Creative Commons

2005-06-25 β˜… Gnomedex: Julie Leung just blew me away

2005-06-25 β˜… Gnomedex: Mindjet is wicked cool

2005-06-24 β˜… Gnomedex: Recipe for a successful open source project

2005-06-24 β˜… Gnomedex: Citizen Media, Reporting

2005-06-24 β˜… Gnomedex: Rough Quote

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2005-06-24 β˜… Early impressions from Gnomedex

2005-04-30 β˜… So long, and thanks anyway

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2004-10-15 β˜… Don't Blame Me for Not Doing More to Fight the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

2004-10-13 β˜… 9/11 Didn't Change Everything

2004-09-17 β˜… On technology and culture shifts

2004-09-11 β˜… Three Years Later

2004-08-15 β˜… The Old Ways Are Dead

2004-07-28 O-BAM-a

2004-07-22 β˜… On Alan Moore...

2004-06-24 β˜… Killing time on the train from Providence.

2004-06-21 β˜… Del-icious

2004-06-07 β˜… Dutch Treat

2004-05-03 β˜… Flaming Wings

2004-04-20 β˜… Music is Hell

2004-03-28 β˜… Lost in Research-tion

2004-03-22 β˜… Miserere

2004-03-16 β˜… Waking Life, Conscious Mind

2004-02-23 β˜… Funny Strange, Funny Ha-Ha

2004-01-19 β˜… New Blog for Toussaint

2004-01-19 β˜… On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2004

2004-01-16 β˜… Silencing the Past

2004-01-15 β˜… After the flood...

2004-01-10 β˜… Combien c'est Louisiana?

2004-01-09 β˜… Discoveries

2003-12-23 β˜… Remembering Mary Maxwell Lombard

2003-12-19 β˜… Vancouver

2003-12-12 β˜… The story is about land (?)

2003-12-11 β˜… Toussint's flaws; Napoleon's designs

2003-12-08 β˜… Surfing the waves of change.

2003-12-07 β˜… Toussaint plays

2003-12-07 β˜… RK for Sunday

2003-12-05 β˜… Toussaint in from the beginning?

2003-12-04 β˜… More from Korngold

2003-12-04 β˜… So what else is new?

2003-12-01 β˜… What the heck is this, anyway?

2003-12-01 β˜… Driving the Nostalgia Bus down Memory Lane

2003-12-01 β˜… Korngold's Toussaint

2003-11-30 β˜… The manila folder people loved my Grandfather

2003-11-29 β˜… Two articles about Haiti

2003-11-29 β˜… Well, now. That was an adventure.

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