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β˜… Toussaint in from the beginning?

I got my new PowerBook today, so I can hardly concentrate, but here goes...

Korngold makes the astonishing claim that Toussaint was in on the revolution from the beginning in 1791! I'm stunned. I never heard this part before. According to Citizen Toussaint, the then-Governor of St. Domingue was convinced that the best way to quell any talk of independence among the plantation owners was to stage a slave revolt. The governor visited the Breda plantation, where Toussaint either volunteered or was suggested as a suitable candidate to organize the mock rebellion. Toussaint then set the wheels in motion for the events of 1791.

As I originally heard the story, Toussaint joined the rebellion at the age of 47 as a doctor, then rose to the ranks of General. This did in fact happen, but TL was involved long before that point.

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