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Poor Richard's News - America, we need to talk about the Boston “lockdown” and manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

A thought-provoking piece about policing in the wake of the Boston bombings. What police behavior is justified in a case like this? What's over the line?

The police in Boston were searching for some dangerous criminals who killed innocent people, killed a rookie police officer, hurled at least 3 bombs at police during the chase, and engaged the police in a massive gunfight. Obviously, extraordinary precautionary measures are reasonable and necessary.

However, when there is a manhunt for 1 person, it’s also important to remember that over 99% of the other people in the area are innocent. These innocent people shouldn’t be herded like cattle out out of their homes at gunpoint. They shouldn’t be treated as suspects. The number one priority of police officers should be to protect citizens, not protect themselves from citizens.

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