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A nervous Tampa Bay fan reflects on the post-season so far

My beloved Tampa Bay Lightning are down 2-0 in their series with the Columbus Blue Jackets, losing both their games on home ice. For a team that tied the record for regular-season wins at 62, that never dropped back-to-back games all year, that has a seemingly endless well of talent, it’s an absolutely gobsmacking situation. Plenty of teams have come back from two games down in the playoffs. Some teams have even come back from three games down.

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My favorite fantasy hockey podcast hosts are recording their first “audio almanac”, a series of one-hour podcasts about each NHL team’s 2018/19 fantasy hockey outlook. It’s only $15. You should totally get in on this. πŸ’

The Cup goes to the Caps

Well, it was a hell of a game, but congratulations to the Washington Capitals. I was really pulling for Vegas, but the Caps dominated four top-notch teams to win the Stanley Cup. Their forechecking, physical play, and disciplined defense was truly impressive. And Ovi’s passion seemed to lift his entire team to another level. It still stings not to see the Bolts come out on top, but at least they got bested by the ultimate champs.

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