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Review: Real Racing 3 for iOS needs to fix its payment model before it can shine | Macworld

I completely agree with this Macworld review , especially the bottom line:

Real Racing 3 handles like a dream and is one of the biggest, most feature-rich, and deepest racing games I’ve played—it’s truly a worthy successor to Firemint’s first two titles. Unfortunately, EA has taken the air out of the tires of Real Racing 3’s lightning quick gameplay, effectively turning one of the best iOS games on the market into a frustrating, stop-and-go test on your patience.

I love racing games and have enjoyed the Real Racing franchise. I downloaded Real Racing 3 as soon as it was available, but became disenchanted pretty quickly with the micro-transaction model that makes you either wait several minutes for upgrades and repairs or buy coins to proceed without delay. I deleted the app yesterday because it just wasn't fun to play the game under that kind of business model.

Real Racing 3 is a good game, and EA could charge a fair price for the complete experience. I wish they would.

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