I’ve been reading a lot about sports psychology lately to figure out how to improve my mental game, so I found this post very interesting. Being a hockey goalie has got to be one of the toughest mental challenges in sports. Inside the mind of Kraken netminder Chris Driedger 🏒

Went to the Seattle Kraken’s first home game last night at Climate Pledge Arena. What a great facility! A win would have been nice, but it was still a great game and an electric atmosphere. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

3d-printed Lincoln.

I don’t mind dealing with the delta variant, but I am not paying a monthly subscription for delta+.

Got a decent view of the stage for the Seattle Kraken expansion draft announcement. And just found out that the draft list was leaked. I’ll try to act surprised.

Passed by Lady Liberty on our Circle Line Cruise yesterday and she said to tell you all “Happy Independence Day!”

Finished reading: Killing Floor (Jack Reacher, No. 1) by Lee Child 📚

Finished reading: The Quiet Boy by Ben H. Winters 📚 I didn’t quite buy a couple of critical story hooks, but found myself engrossed nevertheless. The main character’s choices lead him into a slow-motion car wreck that’s hard to look away from. ⭐⭐⭐1/2

Finished reading: All the Ugly and Wonderful Things: A Novel by Bryn Greenwood 📚 A remarkable book. Challenging, sweet, disturbing, romantic, and heartbreaking. I couldn’t put it down. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Many years ago, I was an Improvisor at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando. Several of my friends are still there, and I have thought about them often during Covid. Great article in Vox about how they’re coping:

How do you put on a comedy show when laughter is a risk? www.vox.com

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