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This blog is dying. This is as apparent to me as it is to anyone who may be reading it. Frankly, I'll be surprised if anyone reads this. In fact, why are you still looking here? Don't you have better blogs to be paying your valuable attention to?

Frankly, I haven't been able to figure out what to do with has taken over the burden of keeping all the random links I come across, so I don't feel the need to track them here so much. I'm spending energy on Seattle Real Estate Talk, The Louverture Project, and a new venture with Lloyd. On top of a full-time job and the recently completed efforts for Seattle Mind Camp (which was a lot of fun, and, I think, something of a success), I'm just not finding a lot of spare time to write.

Nor am I really sure what to write about here. This blog has been an interesting learning experience, but it became something that didn't quite look like me. I vented a lot about politics and society and stuff -- which is certainly part of what I think about -- but I never really felt that I matched in this blog the voice I feel I really have -- the sardonic, silly, irreverent sense of humor that I prefer to display in my best hours. Plus, my attention and interests wax and wane often enough that this place never really looked cohesive to me.

So, huh. What to do?

Well, I think the blog will stay around for a while, but it needs a re-invention, and that's something I just don't have time or energy to contemplate right now. In the meantime, I've discovered this cool new site called SuprGlu. SuprGlu attempts to combine a user's efforts from a variety of sources on a single page. So, my bookmarks, Flickr photos, 43 Things things, and my various blogs' posts all show up in a single feed. So until and unless I get motivated to reconstruct in my image and likeness, the best way to keep up with me is on this page at SuprGlu. (And here's the RSS feed, if you're so inclined.)

(By the by, this SuprGlu thing manages to take a step towards an idea I've been thinking a lot about recently: the idea of "inventory." There are lots of places on the web and elsewhere where one can put one's data (if one wishes), but it can be hard to remember where it all is, or to keep others apprised of its whereabouts. Not all of my friends are very technically inclined, so telling them to check out my Flickr feed or bookmarks -- on top of all the other URLs I've given them -- is kind of pointless. They simply won't track them.

(Much in the way the Attention Trust** is trying to raise awareness about the notion of gestures of attention, I think we need a better way to inventory all the data we have online. In fact, if we solved the three essential issues of the modern web -- identity, attention, and inventory -- we'd be some happy campers.)*

Well, okay, so that's it from here for now. I'll probably add a post here on occasion. Or more often. Or less. Who knows? But I'm still active online, and I wanted you to know where to find me.

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