★ A micro.blog mea culpa

I’ve really been enjoying reading my micro.blog timeline since I joined up months ago. It’s a high-signal, low-noise environment, with a lot of quality contributors.

But the way I’ve been writing for my micro.blog stream over the past couple of weeks hasn’t sat right with me. I’ve been writing for an audience on Twitter, not for micro.blog. Which is weird, because normally I couldn’t care less about Twitter. But because I’ve been working on this conference, I’ve been using the motivation to promote the conference on Twitter to drive my motivation to post more here (and hopefully get my 30 day pin).

But the stuff I’ve posted is really marketing. It doesn’t sound like anything that’s of interest to the community here. It wouldn’t be interesting to me. And the tone isn’t personal, so it feels out of place.

So, I apologize.

I’ve been really wondering what I should write on micro.blog. Heck, l have a hard time figuring out generally what my personal publishing approach should be. I keep two different blogs for my personal interests (stumax.com) and my professional interests (turninggrille.com). Whether that’s the smartest thing in the world is a question for another day.

Currently, both blogs are set up to cross-post to micro.blog, and my micro.blog is set up to cross-post to Twitter. In the spirit of owning my own content, this feels right: all content starts on my own blog.

But in practice, writing stuff on my own blog that’s intended to promote something to a Twitter audience doesn’t seem necessary, especially when micro.blog then becomes just an intermediary for the content.

So, I think what I’m going to do from now on is only post promotional content directly on Twitter. Which means I’ll have to come up with something more interesting to say on micro.blog if I want my 30 day pin. Which feels better all around. In fact, I think I’m going to take a skip day tomorrow and start the clock over again on my 30 days. If I’m going to do this, I want to do it the right way.

No one has complained or anything, and I’m sure no one really cares about this but me. But I do care. So… there it is.

Stuart Maxwell @stumax
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