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β˜… Gone Fishin'

(UPDATE 8/24/10: I'm posting to a new site now: The Machine That Goes Ping. I'm also in the process of revamping and updating The New Big. See you there!)

I don't intend to blog much here for the foreseeable future. I'm lucky enough to have several exciting projects to work on right now, and that just doesn't leave me much time for personal blogging. I may occasionally post a little tidbit here from time to time, but most of my attention is currently focussed elsewhere: To wit:

I'm busy.

This blog has served me well, but I can no longer serve it well. I might occasionally write a post or two at The Sufferable Ass. I started that blog in order to learn Wordpress, and to experiment with a replacement to Unfortunately, having a different blog doesn't make time magically appear, so posting there has been and will probably remain light.

Thanks to everyone who has dropped by over the years that this blog has been up and running. This has been an incredibly educational and rewarding experience, and I hope to see you all elsewhere in the blogosphere.

Until next time...

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