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Capturing online course content using Audio Hijack and MacWhisper

I’m almost 4/5 of the way through my Sustainability Certificate, and have hit on a new way to process and review the instructor’s weekly lectures. I’m recording the audio of the lectures from Safari using Audio Hijack, and then converting speech to text using MacWhisper. I then re-read the transcribed lecture and take notes.

MacWhisper has become astonishingly good. In the first few weeks of class, the text output was pretty accurate, but it was delivered as just a bunch of lines of about the same length, with no regard for where sentences began or ended. I needed to paste the MacWhisper output into BBEdit, strip all the line endings, and then parse through the text manually to break up the sentences and paragraphs and correct (usually a very few) errors. This week, though, I just copied the MacWhisper output and pasted it straight into my Craft note and didn’t have to change a thing. The sentences were broken out separately and names and other content were captured almost perfectly. Just remarkable.

Now I have a searchable text archive of the course lectures and my notes, which will make referencing these in the future much easier. Wish I had this system in place for previous classes.

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