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β˜… Discoveries

Did a lot of reading today about the Louisiana Purchase. I have some notes that I'll post tomorrow. I finally felt like I was getting in to the flow of research today.

I've been using StickyBrain for note takikng for the past few days. It's really useful in that it lets me capture thoughts on the fly. I like that I can display one category of notes at a time and make new notes in that category. I love that I can grab text from the web - URL and all! - in one easy keystroke.

I wanted the freedom to capture whatever might come to my brain without worrying to much about organizing them at the time. However, I can already see things - like my daily log - that I'm going to want to actually organize every couple of days. I may end up getting CircusPonies to start making more structured notebooks. Using these programs in tandem might just be what the doctor ordered.

Speaking of doctors, I'm coming down with a cold. Sucks. Actually, blows. Ah well.

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