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πŸ“šTheory of Bastards, by Audrey Schulman. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ A book that’s hard to explain. Part love story, part science explainer, part character study, with a pinch of sci-if thrown in. So well written; a book that has stayed with me well after the last page.

Book: Black Jack Justice πŸ“š

If you're a fan of old time radio, film noir, or pulp detective novels, and you don't already know about Decoder Ring Theatre and the Black Jack Justice podcast, well shame on you. Gregg Taylor's audio drama about the adventures of Jack Justice and Trixie Dixon, Girl Detective, is as entertaining as they come, full of smart, funny dialog and all the usual murder, intrigue, and action you'd expect from a hard-boiled detective series.

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Book: thinking with type, 2nd Edition πŸ“š

Size, weight, font selection, alignment, grids, spacing, hierarchy... these are tools for conveying information through text. Each tool imparts meaning in its own way, and a basic understanding of each tool's subtleties should be part of each information manager's repertoire. In thinking with type, 2nd Edition, Ellen Lupton has crafted an excellent introduction to typography, sketching out the history of the art form and packing in a host of practical examples, definitions, rules to embrace and "

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