First question: What’s the difference between climate and weather?

I had to write a climate quiz for a class project. The small group I gave it to did pretty well, so I thought I’d ask the questions here, too. I’ll post one question per day, and post answers the next day. You’re on your honor to answer without looking anything up.

Capturing online course content using Audio Hijack and MacWhisper

I’m almost 4/5 of the way through my Sustainability Certificate, and have hit on a new way to process and review the instructor’s weekly lectures. I’m recording the audio of the lectures from Safari using Audio Hijack, and then converting speech to text using MacWhisper. I then re-read the transcribed lecture and take notes. MacWhisper has become astonishingly good. In the first few weeks of class, the text output was pretty accurate, but it was delivered as just a bunch of lines of about the same length, with no regard for where sentences began or ended.

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The Climatebase Fellowship is accepting applications to their 3rd cohort. As a 2nd cohort fellow, I can recommend the experience wholeheartedly. You’ll get excellent instruction in all aspects of sustainability and meet some of the nicest and most dedicated professionals around.

♻️ If this pans out, it would be a big deal. Wind turbine blades wear out and need to be replaced periodically. They’re made of epoxy, which means they’ve been going to the landfill… until now. > A Danish wind turbine giant just discovered how to recycle all blades

A friend of mine has put together a project to help the folks in her homeland of Ukraine. If you’re a yoga teacher or student, check out The goal is to find 1000 yoga teachers around the world to donate the proceeds of one class by 12/31.

Well, we’ve had a busy weekend. We put a deposit down on a fully loaded Chevy Bolt EUV, and sold our gas-guzzler. (The CarMax selling process was a breeze!) We’re now an electric-vehicle-only family, and it feels great!

Want to read: The Upcycle by William McDonough 📚 Just added this to my queue after watching this video where McDonough talks about the philosophy and design thinking behind the book. He has a really inspiring and motivating take on designing for sustainability. In short, it’s: Why is getting to zero (waste, carbon, etc.) our goal? We can do better.

Finished reading: The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin 📚 A rich and absorbing novel, with an impressively detailed world. The “trick” of the novel’s structure worked on me, making for a very satisfying final chapter. 4/5 stars.

I’ve been reading a lot about sports psychology lately to figure out how to improve my mental game, so I found this post very interesting. Being a hockey goalie has got to be one of the toughest mental challenges in sports. Inside the mind of Kraken netminder Chris Driedger 🏒

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