🏒🎬 While I wait for the world to return to normal and for the NHL season to return, this documentary about the history of black hockey players helps fill the void. Interesting, enlightening, and inspiring. Top shelf. Soul on Ice: Past, Present & Future on Amazon Prime Video

An answer to one of life’s little mysteries: Why do the British drive on the left? – The Straight Dope

Sweet Pea LOVES when it’s time to make the bed.

The ceiling of the Great Court at the British Museum.

Camden Market, London.

Different eras. Camden Market, London.

Flowers at Camden Market, London.

A horse head carving from one of the stalls at Camden Market, London.

Saw “As You Like It” at Shakespeare’s Globe tonight. Loved the production, and what a great place to see a play. I’ve attended as a groundling, but much prefer the seats we had tonight in the front row of the second level. Just so good.

When you take a walk in the countryside in the UK, the public walkway sometimes goes right through someone’s field. Growing up in the US, it’s so ingrained to avoid private property that this just feels weird. But, when in Rome, etc…

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