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Micropost — June 10, 2017

Spent the afternoon at the Norton Simon in Pasadena with @marsroverdriver, @marssciencegrad, and @louisemxl. What a gem of a museum. Wonderful collection, beautiful grounds, not crowded. Must go again next time we are here.

Micropost — June 4, 2017

The latest post from Cliff Mass seems like a pragmatic take on the Paris Accord. In particular, I agree with this re Trump:

“Stop giving him what he wants. Ignore his silly tweets. Do what he will hate the most: make him irrelevant.”

Yeah. Don’t feed the trolls.

Micropost — June 3, 2017

Way to go, Preds. That was a helluva game. No doubt the Pens will come back strong, but Nashville looked up to the task tonight. This one could go 7 games.

Micropost — June 1, 2017

The other thing I noticed at the LCML was just how far we’ve come with user interface design. Like, there was no obvious way to close a window on an old Mac. Double-clicking didn’t open a program. Things look familiar, but the interface isn’t refined.

Micropost — June 1, 2017

Visited the Living Computer Museum & Labs today. I keep thinking about it. It’s just so cool that you can go up and start typing on an IBM 360, or an Apple I, II, SE, Lisa, a NeXT Cube, a TRS-80, an Amiga, Atari, Sun, or any of dozens of other vintage computers. Must go back.

Micropost — May 25, 2017

You couldn’t ask for anything more out of a Game 7. Congrats to the damn Penguins. It’s going to be a Pens / Preds matchup for the cup. Or, as I call it, Pen Spreads.

Micropost — May 25, 2017

Can’t wait for tonight’s Senators / Penguins game (or, as I call it, Senguins). If the Bolts aren’t in the playoffs, I root for a) triple overtime; b) every series going to 7 games; c) the Canadian team. C’mon, Sens!