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Micropost — October 14, 2017

And capped off the weekend with pizza at Lou Malnati’s with some new friends — local IAs who are going to help show our attendees a great time.

Micropost — October 14, 2017

We have been hard at work this weekend checking out the Hilton Chicago, home of #IAS18. It’s beautiful and grand. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

Micropost — September 29, 2017

Seeing Ben Folds in Seattle tonight. So great to finally see him in concert. First half was a mix of old and new stuff. Second half is all audience requests submitted by paper airplane. Awesome.

Micropost — September 12, 2017

The iPhone X video is starting. My credit card just jumped out of my wallet and landed on top of my computer. This is not going to end well.